The Girl

I don’t talk much… I speak from within. The words we speak take us very far, one way or another…

Well, I’m working hard on the computer keyboard. The text of a contract to be completed in the afternoon. Then the Facebook conversation window “pops”, and he goes on like this:

“I’m having a little girl, tololo!” »

Me a little taken aback, but I decide to be nice even though I don’t care a bit about the news.

“Oh-oh-oh, lol. Congratulations! »

Then it put me in a good mood all of a sudden to have written “lol”. He replies: “Thank you!”

An angel passed and it seems like he had said it all.

I want the conversation to end with my touch: “It’s a girl, it’s even better! »

I hope, or rather, I fear that he will start a pleading on the polemic about the advantages or disadvantages of giving birth to a daughter. I don’t need it right now, I have to finish my contract and time is running out. Generally, men in my entourage are haunted, they are scared to death of the idea of ​​fathering a female child. A boy, they say, means fewer complications, especially for parent-child relationships during adolescence. But this guy is rather “nice”.

“ Yes, it’s true. It’s even better with a girl.” He concluded.

He’s a guy I’ve known since high school. He fell in love with me in ninth grade and wrote me a letter. I wrote him a letter too, but to make fun of him. I totally laughed at him!


Because I was silly. Because he was a boy and I didn’t have much respect for boys my age. Because I was a snob and he was not to my liking. Because he didn’t correspond to the idea of ​​Prince Charming that I had drawn from the various novels I was reading at the time. The idea of having a boyfriend was completely foreign to me. My friends did not have one, I had deduced that it was not up to my standards. I hadn’t necessarily seen the positive side of love stories until then. In my opinion, romantic relationships necessarily end in a fishtail.

Then the future took on the task of showing me that there are correct and perfectly acceptable men out there. Men looking forward to putting their mark on the world in the best commendable ways. He is one of these fellows.

He’s not perfect though: nobody is, even superheroes! And even less: the imposing characters in romance novels whose virulent flaws are most often sublimated in favor of strength of character.

I am happy for him and more for the fact that he was willing to share his joy with me.

I went back to my contract. It was looking good: the atmosphere had suddenly lightened and the words came more easily to me.

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