Love in disjointed conjunctures

I don’t talk much… I speak from within.

The words we speak take us very far, one way or another…


I’m in love in the most unexpected way. I found a lot of myself in my hubby. As if, he was the male version of me, elaborated more extensively.

I fell in love gradually …. The kind of selfless love that gives you wings, takes you on a blogging journey and drag you deeper on your spiritual exploration. The kind of love that gets under your skin, and gets rid of your old manic inclination to get a new haircut on a regular basis.

This love has been my spiritual practice altogether. I had decided to giving it a try and see where it would lead. (Kind of risky way to start anything anyway!) I literally promised myself not to allow my feelings to get going and even foolishly made this announcement to my then suitor. Chemistry between us was so heavy, though. And a very nice honeymoon at the very beginning of a relationship or non-relationship might tie two beings irremediably.

Or is it so, really?

I’ve read that some soul reincarnated four times in order to help her soulmate evolve towards spiritual awakening…

I feel for the wounded inner child in my man more than I accept or deal with my own weaknesses. He’s struggling mindlessly as much as myself or any sensitive human being. The great amount of frustration regularly stepping on the brakes or hitting the ground build inside. Even more when my own unapologetic inner child I’ve always proudly claimed. Worth firing his not-so-toxic buttocks I’m entangled with!

I love the ideal of a man I can see in him. Or shall he match (to the snatch) the superhero pieced together by my unbridled imagination? I’ve caught flashes in his gaze clearly revealing his own doubts about my mere existence or my fortunate presence in his life. (Well, that’s what I thought I saw)

My man needs space, a lot of space to love me. I figured out this obsession by myself, helping him putting his own puzzle together. And I outrageously claim my share of consideration even when it doesn’t seem businesswise.

I, myself, need a lot of space to live and to love. I’ve got all the space I need. And It’s so overwhelming at times, arousing the need to furnish it with valuables like: Love, awareness, Joy, connectedness, devotion, laughter, ease, vibrancy, duality, bond… (I’m so fond of words!).

Loving someone should always bring out the best of us to the world. It’s the same range of emotions we’re expected to harbor for ourselves.

Self-love sets the canvas of our relationships with the world!

We complain profusely about being only human, as if it were some kind of manufacturing defect. Despite our blinders on Life, the human condition can hardly be reduced to an inventory of flaws. It rather defines the best part of ourselves.

Being human refers to embracing the gods we are, counting our blessings and contributing with them to the smooth running of the world, the best possible way.

Uh!… and Love is always the way.

Diary writer turned blogger😋 Being rewarded for being myself😘Help connect to the intuitive spark, the inner intensity💖 Seek refinement in all side of life.

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Lyvie Cantave

Lyvie Cantave

Diary writer turned blogger😋 Being rewarded for being myself😘Help connect to the intuitive spark, the inner intensity💖 Seek refinement in all side of life.

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